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Mario and Anabella 2015

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Clear your diaries for fabulous classes, milongas, performance and practicas!

Their first weekend of group workshops in Brisbane extends from Thursday night 7th to Monday night 11th of May, with a Welcome Milonga including performance on Friday 8th May.

Mario & Anabella have a very comprehensive working knowledge of all aspects of the tango. They are experienced, sought after teachers at many international tango festivals each year, and our local tango community are looking forward to their return and the continuation of their generous sharing of their expertise with us all. 

More details here.

Milongas and social dancing

Newmarket milonga 141214 (381)We have two regular milongas and a practica:

  1. Love St Milonga every 2nd and 4th Friday evening of the month, 7:30-11:30. map.
  2. Love St Social every 1st and 3rd Friday evening of the month, 7:30-11:00. map
  3. Newmarket Sunday Milonga every 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoon of the month, 3:00-7:00 (pre-milonga class at 1:30). map.

See here for all the details.

Regular classes

Beginners class 150216 (39)

We offer classes to suit all levels from absolute beginner to advanced. See here for all the details.