Introduction to tango

Beginners class 150216 (26) - Small (800x401)Tango began as a social dance in Argentina and Uruguay and today it’s danced all over the world. In our classes we teach social tango – not the performance style that you might have seen on popular TV dance programs. The objective of our classes is simply to teach you have fun dancing with people in the Brisbane tango community or wherever you travel.

Our six-week Introduction to Tango course is for people new to tango and those of you who would like to revisit and improve their basics. After this course, you’ll be ready to join our 12-week Foundation 1 course.

The one-hour class is followed by a free half-hour assisted practice session to help you integrate the lesson content into your dancing quickly and effectively.

Please email us to let us know you’re coming.


Begins Monday 5th February 2018

The class starts at 6:45 at Newmarket Hall, and we’ll be there to open up at 6:30 pm


Newmarket Bowls Club212 Ashgrove Avenue, Ashgrove

What to wear?

Any comfortable clothes are fine.

Women’s shoes: Comfortable shoes with soles that allow pivoting on a wooden floor. Choose a heel height that you are used to and can comfortably wear for a couple of hours.

Men’s shoes: Comfortable shoes with soles that allow some pivot on a wooden floor.


$80 for the six weeks or $15 per class. You can pay in cash or via bank transfer.

Our bank account details are:

Suncorp Bank BSB: 484-799
A/C No.: 082200232
A/C Name: G and R Ensbey
Reference: Your name