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Hi Rosemary …just a quick note to wish you and Greg a safe trip and to thank you both for the Tango support over the last few months ….the lessons have been fantastic. I am trying to consolidate some of what you have taught me and will continue with another series of lessons on your return. We will miss you both hugs and kisses Gail x

Hi Greg, It was great to be back in your class yesterday, I always get a sense of achievement….

As feedback….I think you manage the classes and practicas really well. The issue of male to female ratio is a non issue when there are technique exercises as an option. I have no problem working on technique with another lady. The frequent changes keep everyone engaged and in the spirit of learning. The blokes at last night’s practica were wonderfully generous and are to be commended. Thank you! Lesley

Buenos Dia from Buenos Aires Greg & Rosemary……… Phew!! ten days have gone past already…. I have had it in my mind to write to you after the first three milongas, to say thank you for setting me on the right track … I feel considerably more confident on the dance floor now. Kathrin

Dear Rosemary + Greg. We really enjoyed your classes + liked your style of teaching + felt that we learnt a lot from you. You made us feel like we might actually get this one day+ gave us heaps of positive encouragement to keep going with Tango. Annemarie + Phil

Thank you for all your guidance and very valuable tango tips. I will be back and hope to see you at the end of the year. Regards Irina

Keep up the wonderful job you and Greg are doing…. we’d be the poorer without you !

Hi Rosemary & Greg. Many thanks for the wonderful tango lesson at Woombye last night – it really was very instructive, and enjoyable! Cheers Vivienne

Hi Greg, Just want to take the opportunity to thank you and Rosemary for your friendship and willingness to share Tango with me … I hope both of you have a wonderful Xmas!! I will see you mid-January sometime … talk to you then about your small group classes. Kind regards, Mike

Hi Greg and Rosemary, I’m really enjoying your class and practica afterwards on Sundays. Warm regards Margot

Great stuff, book me in!  So excited to be taught by the best!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed the lesson I took with you at Woodford. It was a bit of a zoo, what with so many punters on the floor, and trying to manage in entirely inappropriate footwear, and being barely able to hear what was going on but I enjoyed it a lot, and I began to see, perhaps, what all the fuss is about Tango. Regards, Geoff

Hi Rosemary, Don’t know what you’ve done to me on Monday, but I was flying at my training session after your class. Just like magic…THANK YOU! Your foot care remedy really works!!!! Eluca.

Hi Greg and Rosemary, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your lesson this afternoon! Thanks, Stuart

Hi Rosemary and Greg, Many thanks for your enthusiastic tutelage Warm regards, Kateena

I wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your classes this year and look forward to next year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Regards Kira

Hi Rosemary, Thank you for your email! I look forward doing some Tango classes with you again! You really are an awesome teacher, who brings real elegance and class to Tango. Speak soon & take care.

Dear Rosemary and Greg. Thank you for changing my life, and the lives of so many others through your passion for Tango. Here is to many more years of teaching Tango, and dancing Tango. Alison