15 years ago I tried to learn Tango. I had about 6 lessons and the focus was on a routine. By the end I could do a routine, but if I ever missed a step I had to stop and go back to the start. After only four lessons with Greg and Rosemary, I went along to one of their social dance evenings. Even though I could only do about 4 different steps, I could dance, follow the music, stop and start, recover from mistakes and feel like I was leading the steps. I felt more in control and free. I’ve now done my eight lessons and have been thinking about why I feel different about Tango now – well I think it is Greg and Rosemary. Blended in with each dance lesson comes stories about Tango, the music, the history, the different flavours from around the world, and a real focus on technique and understanding and hearing the music. All this melds together to give you a real feel of ‘Tango culture’ … and it is becoming quite addictive. Tom.

Thank you both for such a fabulous milonga. I think you have definitely found a great spot. Sammi

To you both …Thank you. I really enjoy my time learning the skills of tango from the two of you and your classes and practica on Sunday are excellent

Thanks for a great class and your encouragement. I know I have a long way to go and I’m not giving up! Thanks to Greg too, for his patience with me. You make a great team!

Hi Greg and Rosemary, Thanks for all the lessons I had with you over the year – …and thanks for just being there and doing what you do – I have always enjoyed every class with you both, and the encouragement you give, and love just reading the emails you send out – and knowing that I can come along to what you are doing. All the best, Margaret from the Sunshine Coast

You guys were great. I wish I had found you earlier.

Good luck – and keep going, you guys are great teachers. Randal

I really like the approach you take to teaching tango. I’m looking forward to being able to come to more of your classes 🙂 Alana

Dear Rosemary, Thank you for a wonderful year of teaching tango –I’ve really enjoyed your classes, and am continually inspired by your dancing! All the best, Regina

Thanks Greg and Rosemary for creating an opportunity to advance my Tango skills … your lessons are always great with the added spicy ingredient of “fun” …. Best regards, MJ

We are lucky to have access to you both with your wealth of experience passion and knowledge, Many thanks Sonya

Thank you so much for the class! It is such a great service you are providing in addition to the lesson! I profit so much from working with you and Greg, especially in terms of motivation!

Hi Rosemary, Thank you very much for all of the wonderful help you’ve given me on this journey called tango – you are a truly great teacher! Best wishes. Cheers, Jim